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The Loan Process

Here is how your application process works.
  1. Take 10-20 Minutes and fill out the an online application. Make sure all the fields are completed to provide the best understanding or true picture of your property and your finances. Depending on the type of the loan you are seeking, make sure to have all the documents on hand and ready to review if need be.
  2. After receiving an application a loan officers will review and call you back with in 24 hours and go over the terms and conditions of the loan. 
  3. Most of the time you and your loan is assigned to a designated loan processor. A loan processor in the context of a bank or broker will commonly act as the go between from you to the loan officer. This person will do most of the calling and organizing of your loana and vital documents nessisary to establish it. The faster all your documents can be recordeded and/or copied to develop your "folder" the faster the loan will go through. A well organized loan where the consumer has the documents on hand and the processors is on the ball can execute as quickly as 15 days!.
  4. Once you loan is approved, an appraisal is ordered (if applicable) and all necessary documents are prepared for your loan closing.
  5. Once approved, your loan processor will then call and go over all loan closing documents with you.
  6. Once approved, the processor will make signing arrangement with you at a time convenient for you.
  7. Once approved, the loan is sent for funding and disbursement of funds.
  8. The loan proccessor will keep you informed every step of the way to make sure your experience with us is a great one. 
  9. This concludes our loan process!
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