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Nation Wide and Countrywide home loans

When you speak of home loans, it almost goes without saying that the largest lending bank nationwide is Countrywide. Their reach and lending power is so great they can afford to give the consumer favorable rates and do so regularly. If you have not looked into Countrywide for your loan you might consider their services.

Another company that has grown huge in the Internet years is They offer the consumer the opportunity to have their loan shopped among many lenders. These lenders reside behind the website where your information is programmatically sent upon your submission of the application.

Imagine if you will, your contact information, including some pretty important data, being thrown around to various lenders that have bought the information. Makes you wonder about the use of that data after your loan is funded? I cannot speak to the outcomes of business through this loan conduit as I have engaged in a transaction once myself without funding through it. I had some brokers call in response to my loan application submission which was nice but none of them were really competing. I have perfect credit and no issues so I was shopping rates not loan approval.

I would conclude from my experience that if you have great credit and are not shopping for approval to seek out banks directly as you will get a lot of brokers on the phone pushing much of the same product to you. Where is the competition at this point, it is in the points and what these brokers are willing to do the business for.