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Mortgage Rates Basically at Best Levels Since 2016

Mortgage rates improved again today as the market continued to react to updates on the coronavirus outbreak.  For top tier scenarios, the average lender is now offering rates not seen since 2016, with the slight exception of a few hours during the beginning of September 2019.  Even then, today’s rates at least match Sept 2019’s rates on average.  In other words, today is tied for the lowest levels in more than 3 years.
To reiterate yesterday’s message: the persistent availability of such low rates depends on a few factors.  The biggest among those at the moment is the evolution of the coronavirus outbreak.  It’s definitely been responsible for the quick bump toward this week’s low levels, but the trade-off is that rates should experience quick upward pressure as soon as epidemiologists can confirm light at the end of the tunnel.  

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