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One Of The Biggest 2-Day Drops in Rates in Decades

Today’s headline speaks for itself: one of the biggest 2-day drops in rates in decades.  Simply put, over the past 48 hours, mortgage rates have moved lower by a larger amount than almost any other time in our records. There was a similar episode in November 2022 and only one other episode in March 2020 (which we don’t really count as “real” due to the once-in-a-lifetime market dynamics in play at the onset of the pandemic).  Before that, we don’t have anything else remotely close going back to start of our intraday record-keeping in 2007.   Does any of the above tell us anything important beyond conveying the notion that rates have fallen precipitously in the past 2 days?  Not really.  It’s just “kinda cool.”   But here’s a milestone that can only be claimed by the present rate rally: Rates have dropped more in this 45 day window than in any other 45 day window we’ve measured. Again, our records only go back to 2007.  Based on Freddie Mac’s weekly record keeping, it’s unlikely that any 45 day window will match the drop seen in May 1980.  Late 1981 is also still better than the modern record, but all 3 had several things in common.  All 3 moves began with rates at the highest levels in a long time.  All 3 followed a brutally quick surge to those highs.  And all 3 played out as the financial market was contemplating a “pivot” in terms of inflation and the Fed’s policy response. The pivot trade has dominated the market over the past 2 days and arguably had a lead-off that began in November.  Whether or not it continues will depend on the data, but for now, the market is more willing to bet on the pivot unless countervailing data emerges. 
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