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United Airlines flight cancellations spread like wildfire – Fly Alaska to Seattle

New York, NY
Aug 12th 2018

In a rash of excuses ranging from weather that never shows to wild fires, which are half legitimate, United Airlines is cancelling flights leaving thousands stranded.

In flights from New York City last night, United cancelled 7:00 am flights and offered passengers re-booking opportunities over their cancellation rebooking web application. It is believed this was a test of the application sources reported. The outcome was a disaster for family and business travelers in groups where fighting for seats at the individual level separates groups.

“It’s an epic fail by United Airlines and demonstrates both their weakness in the current mark” – father of family of 4

Passenger, being offered no reasonable substitute looked to Alaska Airlines to bail them out. It cost a little more BUT their flights took off on time!

Lesson to passengers, Alaska owns the hub in Seattle. Don’t mess around, book Alaska!

Source: The Social Sledgehammer

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